Thursday, 9 January 2014

Free seminar - Game Management in Woodlands

High Weald AONB will deliver a free seminar on game management in woodlands on March 6th (see details below).

Game management can form part of a multi-functional approach to woodland management.  With good planning it can be compatible with management for conservation and wood fuels (such as wood chip for on-estate biomass boilers and firewood).

Traditionally small-scale felling and harvesting of timber tends to be fitted around the shooting calendar.  This is fine, but often the wider opportunity creating wood fuels for an estate is overlooked.

Given that the Renewable Heat Incentive continues to offer an excellent subsidy for heat generated by biomass boilers game managers should consider  other options for woodland management.

The Kent Downs Woodfuel Pathfinder can provide free support for those interested in woodland management for wood fuels, including free biomass heating feasibility studies.  Please contact for more details.

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