Friday, 31 January 2014

What buyers of firewood want

We were so pleased to read about the results of Certainly Wood's customer feedback exercise.  Finding data for the wood fuel sector is notoriously hard - and if you do find some the base from which the statistics are derived can be woefully small.

At around 2,300 Certainly Wood's survey seems fairly robust.  We've not seen the actual survey or looked at the analysis - but taken at face value the results should be of interest to anyone involved in woodfuel.

Right at the top of the list is moisture content - and more specifically moisture content below 20%.  As we know Certainly Wood specialise in kiln-dried wood so this sort of confirms their USP.  However, it does reinforce that fact that most consumers are pretty well informed when it comes to seasoning and moisture and they clearly look for these attributes when buying logs.

Next up are sustainability, supply chain and production.  Encouraging to see that such high emphasis is placed on where the fuel comes from.  We are not familiar with Certainly Wood's supply chain but clearly their customers like buying British and are at least aware of the need for sustainable sourcing.

Given the paucity of information from the woodfuel sector this survey makes interesting reading.  We are also fairly impressed with the marketing approach.  

We know that not all firewood businesses are this large, but good marketing can clearly help drive business.  Berties Woodfuel, based in Hadlow in Kent, is another example of where simple marketing and branding can really help differentiate a business.

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