Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Woodland Creation Grant 2012 - up to £4,800 per hectare

A giant sequoia log, Sequoia National Park, California, undated, c1910
The Forestry Commission has issued some details of the Woodland Creation Grant 2012.

Expansion is a key priority of the Forestry Commission. Grant rates have increased, allowing a maximum of £4,800 per hectare, to provide greater incentive to achieve this.

All applications meeting UK Forestry Standard will be considered as eligible.  Further details on eligibility are provided in this year's Woodland Creation Grant (WCG) Guidance.

Grant rates

The basic planting grant for both broadleaves and conifers has increased by £1,000 per ha, providing a basic planting rate of £2,800 for broadleaves and £2,200 for conifers per ha. 

The overarching England Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) for new woodland has three elements that can be applied for, depending on the eligibility of both site and applicant: 
  • Woodland Creation Grant (WCG)This is the main grant that contributes to the costs of establishing new woodland.
  • Additional Contributions (AC)ACs increase the contribution towards the cost of establishing new woodlands that deliver specific priorities.
  • Farm Woodland Payments (FWP)These are compensation payments for agricultural income forgone when creating new woodlands on agricultural land.

Key priorities for the scheme relate to the value that trees and woodlands can play in support of:
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD)
  • The aims of Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs)
  • Offering permissive access in Priority Places
  • Creating, connecting or expanding native woodlands to 5 ha or more
  • Creating new conifer woodlands up to 3 times greater than previously restored native habitat.

For more details on the Woodland Creation Grant and associated grants please visit the relevant Forestry Commission web page here.

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