Monday, 21 May 2012

Practical workshop on woodland management planning and stakeholder engagement

Making the most of woodlands: Practical workshop on woodland management planning and stakeholder engagement

The Sylva Foundation, BioRegional and the Forestry Commission warmly invite you to attend this free event which aims to help you identify and realise the opportunities which exist from managing your woodlands. 

This event will take place in the following locations:
If you would like to register for your free place at either one of these events, please so do by following the relevant link below:
Event details:

Well-managed  woodlands can potentially provide you with a host of benefits and opportunities. This event will support you in working with your woodland by:
  • Identifying  possible markets for your woodland products with a session on producing for the woodfuel market.
  • Introducing free tools and resources to help you manage your woodlands.
  • A practical interactive session in the afternoon to demonstrate their use.
Experts will be on hand to advise you on aspects of management such as surveying and increasing the productivity of your woodlands.

The day will include the launch of a new resource to help in your engagement with your local community and other stakeholders who you may need to deal with through your woodland work, and as part of the process of developing an UK Woodland Assurance Standard management plan.

The new guidance pack and free promotional materials will help to guide you through this process, and a local woodland owner will be there to offer their first hand experience.

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