Friday, 26 September 2014

Forest seedling app solves problem of identifying young trees and shrubs

The Forestry Commission has developed a new smart phone application that supports identification of young (<1 year), self-set tree and shrub seedlings that are commonly encountered in British woodlands and forests.
The main features of the app are as follows:
  • Accurately identify and record self-set tree and shrub seedlings
  • Record field notes and locations using GPS without a mobile signal
  • Includes high-resolution images of leaves and other seedling features that can be used for identification
  • Uses dynamic filtering to allow users to identify seedlings based upon a number of key characteristics including leaf shapes and stem hairs
  • Supports species searches and includes listings by common and scientific names

The field guide app has been developed by the Forestry Commission from content supplied by Forest Research. It costs £1.49 and is available from iTunes Store and Google Play.

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