Tuesday, 11 December 2012

RHI update and summary of changes to RHI Register

This post provides an update on the RHI and summarises the recent changes made by Ofgem to some of the RHI application questions.

Progress update

Overall the number of biomass RHI applications has risen from 276 on September 25th to 585 on December 11th.  

Source: Ofgem public report - Dec 11, 2012
Source: Ofgem public report - Dec 11, 2012
This is a significant increase and indicates that the scheme is beginning to make progress.  

However, this scheme overall is still far behind the original forecasts and around £30-35m will be returned to the Treasury at the end of March.

Meanwhile, the consultation on the domestic version of the RHI closed on December 7th, the results from which  are due in March 2013.  More details, including the recent consultation addendum relating to a subsidy cap and its impact on heat pump tariffs, can be found here.

Application changes

With regards to the changes to the application questions Ofgem points out the following:
  • No extra information is necessary with the update to these questions.
  • The requirements are the same as before, questions have been reworded to improve the quality of RHI applications made, and ensure the application questions assist applicants understand what is required first time, both in terms of question responses and document uploads.
The following questions have been updated  - the changes are in brackets:
  • HD170, (Please select the type of premises in which heat from the installation (for which you are applying) is used. Please upload evidence of non-single domestic status at the document uploads at the end of the application (eg Non-Domestic (Business) Rates bill, multiple Council Tax bills or equivalent / similar evidence))
  • HG150, (Will the installation use any of the following fossil fuel-derived fuels: You can select more than one answer for this question)
  • HI150, (Please provide a meter reading for this meter. If this is not your first submission of this application then please do not change this meter reading unless agreed with Ofgem. This reading may need to be updated if, for example, you have made changes to metering requiring new readings, or your installation, heating system or application information has undergone significant amendments.)
  • HI151a-1/HI151B-2 etc, (Please provide the date on which this reading was taken (this should be no more than three days before the date on which the application is first submitted to Ofgem).
  • HK110, (Please enter the serial number of your installation. E.g. for boilers you will find this on the boiler name plate. Please upload a photo of your boiler name plate AND a copy of your invoice showing the date of purchase and model of your heat generating equipment (at the document uploads at the end of the application), OR a copy of your commissioning certificate showing model, capacity and commissioning date.)
  • HK120, (Please provide a comprehensive description of your installation, including the make & model of the main components. For further details of the information that should be included here, please refer to guidance and available applicant information.)
  • HL99, (Please confirm if you wish to Upload or Post the documents as supporting evidence? Please note that uploading documents is likely to mean the accreditation process is quicker.You must however always send bank and ID information under separate cover by post as instructed. Please do not change this setting to “post” if you have previously selected “upload”. Contact the enquiry line if you have any problems, and please see the IT system user guide for help on creating and uploading PDFs.)
  • HL170, (Please provide a comprehensive schematic or diagram of the heating system of which your installation forms part. This must include the following: 
    • All plants providing heat to the heating system, whether eligible or ineligible 
    • All uses supplied with heat from the heating system, both eligible and ineligible 
    • The pipework connections between all plants and heat uses, including clear indication of any pipework not located within a building 
    • The positions of relevant hot water and steam meters and their associated components.(e.g. both temperature sensors, flow meter and integrator). 
    • Please ensure that all of the items listed above are clearly labelled, that the schematic has a key, and that building boundaries are indicated.)

The application register can be found here and the application guidance here.

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