Thursday, 12 July 2012

Make your woodland pay its way

Over ambitious horse logging?
A step by step guide to applying for grant funding for roads projects or help with bringing woodland back into management.

Don’t miss out on a government funded scheme designed to turn pockets of unproductive woodland into well-managed money earners just because you are unsure of the process.

Mike Furness, Project Manager from Ngage Solutions for the Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant,  has written a helpful blog with a step by step guide for potential grant applicants. It is published on the Ngage website.

Mike is keen to assist woodland owners, to take advantage of this opportunity to make their woods more productive. There is money available for ‘Roads’ or ‘Timber’ projects, and Mike will be happy to talk through proposals even before an application is submitted, helping candidates maximise their  chances of success.

Ngage Solutions is administering the Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant (WFWIG) on behalf of the Forestry Commission in three regions: Cumbria, the South West and the South East. This grant is time limited, so act now to find out more about the scheme.

To find out more about Woodfuel WIG come and see the Forestry Commission at the APF show 13 1- 5 September stand G4.

Contact Mike Furness, Project Manager Ngage Solutions Ltd,  on 01494 568970 or 07795 515 413, or by emailing

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