Monday, 23 April 2012

Lincolnshire farming estate could use its crops to fuel £200k biomass heater

William Cracroft-Eley of Hackthorn Hall
A Lincolnshire farming estate could use crops grown on its land to fuel its own £200,000 biomass heating system.

The owner of Hackthorn Hall, north of Lincoln, hopes to build multiple mini-district heating systems in the grounds.

An application for the technology is currently being considered by West Lindsey District Council.

The installation is being handled by Cedar Farm Developments.

This is an interesting case study for the Pathfinder project which has supported several estates in Kent that appear to be a similar scale to Hackthorn Hall.

What is also of interest is the use of multiple biomass systems, three in total, that will serve seven different buildings on the estate.  The fuel will be pelletised miscanthus, a well-established biomass fuel crop on the estate that extends to around 300 acres.

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